Chapel of Mirrors, Clementinum


General view of the Chapel.
Astronomical tower next to the Chapel of mirrors
- the visit is included in the visit of the baroque library hall.
  The ceiling fresco under the front (main) organ.
The ceiling fresco 2:
St. Mary under the copula of a dome.
Detailed view of the fresco 2 (St. Mary under the copula of a dome).
The ceiling fresco 3: 
St. Mary on Sinai among Judith, Ruth and Ester.
The ceiling fresco 4
St. Mary with small Jesus.
The rest of the altar with the organ from the second half of the 18th century
(bigger picture)
The back organ with balustrade.
  The view of the Chapel from the front organ towards the back organ on balustrade.
The bust of W. A. Mozart in the entrance hall.
The entrance door with tin mounting from the entrance hall to the Chapel



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